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Item ID: SC205-U
Professional studio monitor combining compact dimensions and high end technologies for authentic signal reproduction with any professional system from stereo to surround
Item ID: SC204-U
Ultra-Compact studio monitor including all professional features from our larger monitoring systems for accurate signal reproduction and precise sound landscape.
Item ID: SC207-U
The Reference solution among all professional 2-way monitors ensuring very high resolution, perfect balance, and minimum ear fatigue - The true sound you will rely on
Item ID: SC305-U
All advantages of a professional 3-way monitoring solution in a compact cabinet - Perfect frequency balance, authentic transient reproduction, and well-balanced sound imaging
Item ID: SC307-U
The reference solution among all professional 3-way monitors ensuring highly accurate sound reproduction and true dynamic response over an extended frequency range
Item ID: SC208-U
Versatile 2-way monitor with ultra-wide frequency range - deep and tight low-end combined with brilliant and precise high-end for professional nearfield and midfield applications
Item ID: TS107-U
Remote controlled thunderstorm subwoofer featuring a powerful, accurate, and low distortion sound reproduction to upgrade your listening experience
Item ID: TS108-U
Remote controlled thunderstorm subwoofer with 8" woofer delivering adequate and precise control over the bass frequencies to bring your system to the highest level
Item ID: TS112-U
Using only high quality components the remote controlled 12" thunderstorm subwoofer is a first grade product delivering an astonishing listening experience to every user
Item ID: TS110-U
Remote controlled 10" thunderstorm subwoofer will make your system sound better and more complete - your system will sound as a whole, not just a sum of parts
Item ID: SC3010-U
Main reference monitor for farfield applications in every professional music and film production environment - superior signal reproduction and wide frequency spectrum for an awesome listening experience
Item ID: SC3012-U
Main reference monitoring system - the ultimate solution ensuring a full-range listening experience with perfect frequency balance, outstanding dynamic response and unbeatable sound imaging
Item ID: SC4070-U
No compromise and TEC Award winning studio monitor sets benchmark for versatility and utmost clarity in sound reproduction - eye catching rotatable mid-high section for vertical and horizontal placements
Item ID: SC3070-RIGHT-U
An ultra compact 3-way monitor with outstanding mid-range reproduction and balanced, precise sound image for recording home and mastering studios
Item ID: SC3070-LEFT-U
An ultra compact 3-way monitor with outstanding mid-range reproduction and balanced, precise sound image for recording home and mastering studios
Item ID: SC203-SET-U
A tiny stereo loudspeaker system with wide and detailed sound reproduction, easy transportation, and versatile connections for universal use in every imaginable situation, form gaming or home cinema to studio monitoring
Item ID: SC2070-U
Compact 2-way monitor with an extra large air motion transformer sets new standards for detailed reproduction of high and mid-range frequencies and, in combination with 6.5" woofer, ensures powerful bass and thus superior precision across the...
Displaying 1-22 of 22 results